Private Studio/Skype Singing Lessons

Lessons will start and end at your allocated time slot. Lessons will not be extended due to lateness. If regular tardiness becomes an issue, the teacher reserves the right to make the student's lesson time available to others.

Lessons must be paid for, prior to, or during the lesson. A 10% fee will occur if payment is late or after the invoiced due date.  

Students have the option to pay for 10 week blocks at the discounted rate of $32/30mins - $48/45mins - $64/60mins.  

If you are paying as a casual student then you need to pay at the normal rate of $35/30mins - $53/45mins - $70/60mins prior or during your lesson and 2 weeks in advance. 

If you need to miss a lesson then you will forfeit this lesson and there will be no refund, credit or makeup lesson.

Lessons in Credit
Make up Lessons or Credits will only occur if the teacher is not available for your allocated timeslot. If you are attending lessons through a dance school then lessons in credit must be used prior to the following term, therefore no lessons available during school holidays unless you can come to my studio location in Stafford)